Awaken Nature has been selling exclusively on Amazon.com until now. Please click on the button below to be redirected to our Amazon page to see all the reviews and testimonials about our product and company. Below is just a few of the many great reviews we love:

★ "I received the product exactly the day it was promised .The packaging was convenient as I was using only part of the wax for the body balm I was making. In the zip lock plastic bag I sealed the rest.

Inside I found a small attractive insert in the wax explaining how the wax was certified organic and without pesticides . I am an advocate for keeping people healthy through natural products and our planet free from chemicals that contaminate. The insert assured that the producers use only wax from pesticide free zones to help save bees from extinction.

I decided to use the recipe on the insert for my body balm. The wax melted easily and had a healthy smell. The end result is a rich fragrant cream that nourishes my skin effectively. Apparently it feels oily, but is absorbed quickly to leave my skin soft and moist for long periods.
Impressive was the follow up e-mail I received the next day. It gives me the impression that I am purchasing a quality product that is very well cared for."   Susan 

★ "This is the best beeswax I've used by far! Also, it is the only one I've seen that is actually USDA certified organic and it is stamped on the package. It smells great, doesn't have the smoky smell that I've seen people complain about from other brands. I use this for making sunscreen and chapstick and I am extremely pleased with the quality! I was nervous to try since there weren't any other reviews, but boy am I glad I did!"     Amazon Customer

★ "This was my first time ordering beeswax. This company was the only one I felt comfortable with because its the only USDA certified organic company I saw on amazon! Don't trust those companies that say they are organic but aren't actually certified.

The product came in a nice, clean, and professional package. The beeswax smells nice. No smoke or chemical odors and has a nice honey scent too it. I'm using it to make some of my own cosmetic products and lotions. After I purchased this product the company e-mailed me with a pdf of different recipes to use beeswax with! I love it! Even shows how to make beeswax candles. They also included education material as to how to honey bees are crucial to the environment and how to protect them. Buying from this brand made me feel like I was supporting something positive."     Cassie H