April 08, 2016

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Screw Business as Usual!


My name is de Villiers and I’m the founder and owner of Awaken Nature.  I’m really excited to share with you in this post how your purchase of Awaken Nature’s Certified Organic Beeswax has the potential to create widespread change for both you and our planet at a very crucial time.

But first, I want to let you in on a little Awaken Nature we don’t like the way business is done. Today’s business thinking is focused on maximizing profits above all else. This is short term thinking that leads to businesses getting away with exploiting people and our planet by releasing toxins such as pesticides, hormones and antibiotics into our environment and even our own bodies without our consent.

At Awaken Nature we are in business to break the stereotypes of how business is suppose to be done. We care about our planet and we care about you and your well-being. It is our mission to leave our planet better than we found it - not just for you and your children but for the next seven generations to come. It is our purpose to care for both people and planet while making a profit.

This is why we are in the business of Certified Organic Beeswax. See, if you look at the beeswax industry a little closer, beeswax provide an incredible opportunity, as mentioned earlier, to create widespread positive change for both people and planet at a very crucial time. This is why:

  1. Honeybees are dying at alarming rates and it is threatening 70% of our natural food sources. This could have devastated effects on our health and economy and we need to act - in the United States alone, 40% of honey bees have died since 2006. (See the “Save the Bees” page for more details)
  2. Beeswax is one of nature’s miracles with countless benefits to us, however many aren’t aware that most beeswax on the market may contain various toxic chemicals - even if it claims to be organic. (See the “Mind Your Beeswax” page for more details)
  3. We are able to connect with forward thinking people like yourself, shopping for beeswax, because you understand that to live healthy lives we need to change how things are done and return to nature for what we need.

You probably did not realize that when you bought our Certified Organic Beeswax you are actually helping create real change. This is how:

  • You help us spread the word about dwindling bee populations in the United States, the importance of saving bees and how to help do so
  • You bring awareness of the devastating effects pesticides like neonicotinoids have on our environment and well- being
  • You bring health and well-being back to you and your loved ones by taking action and creating your own toxin free products from Certified Organic natural ingredients.
  • You indirectly reduce the demand for cosmetics and other manufactured products that contain harmful chemicals
  • You increase the demand for food sources and farming practices free of harmful pesticides and chemicals
  • Your actions are directly and indirectly helping to restore our planet to a natural healthy state

We truly value you as a person and a customer. This is only the beginning for us and I’m very excited to be on this journey with you. If you want to become more involved, find out about future products, promotions, living a healthy but conscious life and much more join our VIP Group today.

With the greatest respect,

de Villiers

Owner, Awaken Nature